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Hobbs Medical is well-equipped to help our clients identify, better understand and capitalize on opportunities in a dynamic and evolving marketplace.

Market Assessment

Whether you are considering a new market or looking to capture new growth opportunities within existing markets, Hobbs Medical can perform a detailed assessment to guide your decision making.

Market expansion for medical technologies can be driven by several factors in healthcare such as new addressable patients populations, expanding market access, new provider groups and new sites of service.

Hobbs Medical excels in helping clients identify and quantify the business potential of emerging market trends and build strategies to capitalize on these opportunities.

New Product Planning

Advancing a new product into the market begins with detailed planning and analysis to execute a successful launch.

Hobbs Medical utilizes our capabilities to enable clients to better understand areas of differentiation, market dynamics and strategic decisions to optimize a product's market adoption and penetration.

Our solutions can be tailored for all stages of the product life cycle to support in-depth analysis and maximize value.  This may include items such as indication and market prioritization, product forecasting, product positioning, customer segmentation, competitive analysis and value proposition development.

Corporate Strategy

Whether you are a start-up or an established public company, it's critical for any organization to establish a clear strategic plan for growth.

Hobbs Medical works with individual executives and their teams to develop and manage these strategies by assessing the business's current growth trajectory based on assets both in development and in the market.

Our assessment helps to identify both inorganic and organic opportunities to develop strategies for success. This may include several facets of your business, from portfolio assessment to launch strategies, licensing and M&A due diligence.

Executive Mentoring

Running a company can be a daunting task, whether an executive is a first-time CEO or a seasoned public company leader. With wide-ranging experience, Hobbs Medical can provide the support and guidance to meet your individual needs.

If you are in need of significant results, to solve a pressing problem or looking to take an advantage of an opportunity, we can help you to execute at a high level.

Through Executive Coaching, we can guide you through an experiential development process and leverage your current skills, experience and resources to execute your role and achieve maximum personal and organizational impact.

Corporate Brand Planning

The successful launch of new products is crucial to business growth, yet many fall short of forecasted expectations. One of the largest keys to success is the ability to develop a comprehensive brand and distinguish a product from its competitors. 

As products move through the pipeline from proof-of-concept to eventual commercial execution, a great deal of cross-functional collaboration is required to build the product "story".

Hobbs Medical helps companies to navigate this transition and position their product as a differentiated brand to achieve an impactful launch and rapid market adoption.

M&A Due Diligence

M&A transactions take significant focus and resources. There are many critical decisions and challenges such as deal strategy, diligence, integration planning and execution, and achieving optimal performance.

Hobbs Medical supports all facets of business development and licensing activities. We can help you navigate complexities and capitalize on opportunities to support growth initiatives and create value.

Insights may include items such as acquisition target identification, financial forecasts, valuations, commercial due diligence and deal roadmaps.

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Eamonn Hobbs


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Leverage our 40 years of industry experience to capitalize on product opportunities, navigate your business with greater certainty and maximize the commercial value of your portfolio.

Hobbs Medical Consulting is lead by Eamonn Hobbs, who has had tremendous success in creating long lasting innovative endeavors and growing them into strong financially performing companies.  Notably, he founded AngioDynamics, Inc. in 1988 as a division of a public parent company, E-Z-EM, Inc. (NASDAQ: EZEM), and lead it through a value-creating carve out tax-free spin-off and simultaneous IPO, (NASDAQ: ANGO).  AngioDynamics, Inc. became the best performing med-tech IPO of 2004, and continued to demonstrate award winning performance throughout Mr. Hobbs tenure. 

Mr. Hobbs has extensive experience in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery technology and combination drug/device products, including taking them from inception through very successful commercialization.  He is very strategic in his thinking and prides himself on developing top performing business plans and leadership teams through collaboration, communication and empowerment.  Mr. Hobbs was elected twice by his industry leadership peers to be Chairman of the Medical Device Manufactures Association (MDMA), and in that role built strong and collaborative relationships with government and regulatory leaders to help advance improvements in patient care through our industry working to advance innovation. 


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